Our Services

     Groupe Prodem provides turn key decommissioning services

Removal of dangerous materials:

  • Asbestos
  • Lead
  • BPC management and handling
  • Liquide waste management and disposal
  • Reservoir cleaning
  • Mold cleaning and removal


  • Structure demolition
  • Historical facades
  • Interior demolition
  • Refineries and industries

Site rehabilitation

  • Fixed and mobile installations
  • Contaminated soil excavation and disposal
  • Pumping of liquid materials
  • Cleaning of subterranean reservoirs 

Recycling and waste management

  • Construction and demolition waste
  • Asbestos
  • Contaminated soil
  • Metal recycling


What does "decommissioning" signify? At Groupe Prodem, we define decommissioning as the closure of a building followed by the removal of     equipment from the building or the sturcture. Decommissioning can include an entire building or sections of a building as well as settong aisde. A cleaning may be required to remove chemical materials or environmentally dagerous materials or to render a industrial site secure and aesthetics.The Turn Key approche for decommissioning provide a higher and more profitable level of service while reducing the clients responsibility. Our reduction division will eliminate all envirinmentally harmful substances, including asbestos, lead, BPC and liquide waste. When we dismantle structures, our demolition division recuperates parts of the building that can be reused or recycled. If necessary, our site treatment division can treat contaminated soil or subterranean water.


Prodem’s demolition operations offer industrial, institutional and commercial clients the choice of a partial dismantling, interior or exterior, or a complete dismantling, interior or exterior. The numerous structures that we have demolished include refineries, mines, factories, manufacturing plants, utilities installations, piles of residue as well as a large assortment of structures and buildings. The size and complexity of a project are factors that are used to establish a demolition protocol. Smaller scale demolitions, such as houses, can be done by traditional means using machines and equipment. Larger and more complex projects require more planning at the engineering level as well as operational methods and specialized machines and equipment. Pre-Project analyses consists of: (I) an in-depth revision of the site; (II) an analyses of the quality, value and type of materials and equipment that can be brought to the site; and (III) the specific demolition technique that will be applied to a particular structure. To obtain expected results, the project director and the assigned staff must be in agreement on the project as a whole, including the type of building, schedule and worker safety 


Groupe Prodem has many years of experience in the removal of materials containing asbestos that are located in various types of installations. Furthermore, the contaminant removal division has removed lead contaminated paint from an assortment of different locations, such as foundries, operational manufacturing factories and educational institutions. Our others services include the removal of contaminated dust, biological contaminants, BPC and dangerous liquid waste. Our team of over 50 personnel includes project directors, site supervisors, superintendents, labor workers, health and safety personnel and support staff. We possess a large inventory of well-maintained equipment. Our approche is professional and includes a commitment towards health and safety, environmental laws and regulations and an obligation to meet the client’s needs.



Before we elaborate an action plan for and efficient and economic rehabilitation we must evaluate the origin and the state of the soil, followed by an analysis of the degree of contamination of the subterranean web and, finally, the state of the site and the options for corrective measures. The cost, the time and maneuvering room of each project is taken into consideration. We will put at your disposal a qualified staff, assisted by state of the art technology and excellent technical support. Groupe prodem and its members possess lots of experience in environmental mediums, beginning with project planification, followed by an evaluation of our technologies, to the development and execution of the project. Important investments in rehabilitation technology permit Prodem to offer clients efficient solutions at a competitive rate. Our methodological and rigorous approach inevitably leads to a reduction of the extent of the client’s environmental responsibilities.