Tomorrow's Solutions Today

Groupe Prodem firmly believes in its commitment to the highest level of customer service, its respect of applicable laws and regulations and in maintaining the highest level of security for our workers and the public. The company's commitments constitute an important assets that makes it a leader in its field. Prodem management believes the future of our industry lies in the developement of "Environmental Solutions". With their experience and ressources, Groupe Prodem has the means to develope these "solutions" and to adapt them to any situation.  The company's commitment to provide Turn Key solutions while using the latest technology, profits the client by:

Turn Key

Providing clients with high quality decommissioning services at competitive rates and to provide economic solutions to environement problems.

Labor Force

Providing clients with a high quality, efficient and professionnelle labor force that is capable of managing all environemental and demolition needs while conforming to applicable laws and regulations and respecting the environment. 


Facilitating the integration of new technology that may lead to solving various environmental problems.